Global is committed to the use of renewable, clean-burning biodiesel and Bioheat® fuels. We provide quality biofuels and have installed state-of-the-art rack blending systems at Global Terminal Road and Global Chelsea Terminals.  Bioheat® fuel is a blend of generic heating oil and biodiesel feedstock, each of which meet ASTM specifications prior to being blended. Biodiesel feedstock can be produced from soybean and palm oils, and other natural renewable resources. Bioheat® fuel helps heating systems operate cleaner and contributes to reduced maintenance when used in conjunction with Heating Oil Plus™. Biodiesel helps engines run cleaner and reduces wear.

Benefits of BioFuels

  • Burns cleaner to help extend the life of a customer’s heating system or engine
  • Helps reduce greenhouse gases
  • Helps reduce dependency on foreign oil

For additional information about our BioFuel products, contact Kevin Young by email at , or the Global Marketing Department via  or by calling 800-685-7222.

Bioheat is a registered trademark of the National Biodiesel Board.


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